Project Body Hair

A celebration of female body hair…
wherever it is or isn’t.

For the past 100 years, women’s razor brands haven’t acknowledged female body hair. Commercials show women "shaving" perfectly smooth, airbrushed legs. Strange, huh? But everyone has short stubble, long strands, or something in between. What you do with yours is up to you - grow it, get rid of it, or comb it. It's your hair, after all.
The first women’s
razor brand to show hair.
Women have body hair, yet showing it is a prickly subject. It’s time to change that. Press play.
Help us make the
internet a little fuzzier.
There's a serious lack of female body hair on the internet. Search "woman" in any image gallery and you’ll be scrolling for a while before finding a single strand. We're here to change that.

Help us grow our image library by using #projectbodyhair or uploading your own photo. The internet could use a little more fuzz.
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Errr… don’t you
sell razors?
Why yes, we do. We designed really great razors at an affordable price. Because women who like shaving had been overpaying for razors for far too long (did someone say, "pink tax?"). If you’re a shaver, we’ve got sharper blades and a smoother glide. If not, we make a matte finish lotion and sudsy body wash too. ;)
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